Servicing our loyal patients for many years at Adult & Pediatric Urology, LLC, we know that providing quality care and delivering the highest quality of service is very important. Along with providing as needed care, we also specialize in screening and prevention at our Farmington location.

Simply eating healthy and staying active or going to the doctor when sick is not necessarily enough. Preventative health care is often not thought of until later in life, but it is an important factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind throughout all stages of life. Screening and prevention are key components in maintaining a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.

There are many different kinds of screenings, such as an annual wellness visit or physical. This is important for detecting easy to correct problems and potential flare-ups or larger issues that may come down the road, as well as to monitor issues that are very relevant to overall health. These can be simple and quick, but if issues or potential future consequences are suspected, can go as far as bloodwork for diabetes, cholesterol or thyroid issues. We provide all of these in a quick and easy check-up at Adult & Pediatric Urology, LLC, Please give us a call at (505) 327-9111.

Other than basic wellness visits, other basic check-ups needed are skin checks, to look for, treat, and prevent potential skin cancer or other skin issues. A dental visit and eye exam are also vital in prevention and screening, as well as being an important part of maintaining a healthy life.

More comprehensive but still necessary prevention and screening is important; as the earlier a doctor can diagnose and treat a condition, the easier and more effective treatment can be. Some of these screenings include Colonoscopy, Mammogram, Prostate, Female Annual, Bone Density, Heart and Lung exams and many others, depending on your age, overall health, genetics and predisposition to any of these issues.

As previously mentioned, these screenings are especially important if you have a family history or are predisposed in any way, but in any circumstance prevention and screening can save your life. This short overview gives you some insight into the importance of screening and prevention, but there are many other aspects to each thing discussed. To speak with a healthcare provider or to schedule an appointment to talk to a doctor about what healthcare screenings you may need and how often; please schedule an appointment with us at (505) 327-9111.